Compounding is a method used by pharmacists at Sierra Pharmacy and Medical Equipment to developed customized medications for:

General Medicine (Adult Medications)
We can create medications that are no longer commercially available or customize medications that are already sold by manufacturers and/or distributors in the market. We can alter dosages, in-take forms, active ingredients, etc. Depending on the medication specifications provided by the physician for an adult patient, Sierra Pharmacy and Medical Equipment is able to follow measurements and/or particular dosages.

Through compounding, medications can be altered to reduce the bitter taste – making it easier for parents to give medication to children. There are various flavors to choose from, a few of which are strawberry, bubblegum, orange, apply, chocolate, tutti-fruiti, cotton candy, etc.

Hospice Care and Palliative Care
Hospice patients receive specialized medication through compounding. Compounding is an ideal solution for terminally-ill individuals as it allows for them to receive medications that are customized to their needs. Through compounded medications, the hospice patient is relieved from discomfort, pain and other stressful symptoms brought by the disease.

Pain Management
For patients who experience chronic pain, compounding may also be the solution. Medications are prepared to suit the specific requirements of the patient. In pain management, the level of pain and frequency is taken into account. From there, the physician will provide a prescription for compounded medication to target the cause of the pain. It can also help reduce recurring painful episodes during therapy and even adjust medication dosages to enhance the strength of pain medication.

Pet owners may purchase compounded medications for their furry pals. Through compounding, pets are able to receive medication that is suitable to their size, type, dosage requirements, preferred flavor, etc.