About Us

Full-service – what does it mean?

At Sierra Pharmacy and Medical Equipment, this means that we serve the needs of the patient as well as the needs of the care professional. With this goal, we provide medical equipment and pharmacy products that will help the healthcare professional achieve the best health for the patient while the patient is able to acquire the pharmacy supplies he or she needs to maintain good health.

We serve the essential needs of our clients – be it a patient or a professional who is in charge of the patient’s health. Being part of the healthcare industry, we want to equip professionals with the healthcare supplies necessary to give their patients the best possible care. We supply Lift Chairs/Seat Lift, Ambulatory Aids, Bathroom Safety, Braces & Supports, Compression Stockings, Seat & Back Cushions, Power Chairs and Aids to Daily Living, Hospital Beds and Mattresses for healthcare or nursing facilities.

We also help patients at home manage their health by offering Diabetic Supplies, Incontinent Supplies, Manual Wheelchairs, Nebulizers, Nutrition, Pain Management, Patient Lifts and Scooters. We can even refer you to a professional prosthetics fitter who can address your need for mobility assistive attachments or devices for disabled patients and amputees.

At Sierra Pharmacy and Medical Equipment, you can get the right equipment at low costs. Shop online for great deals!